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A woman who died found herself standing outside the Pearly Gates, being greeted by St. Peter.
She asked him, "Oh, is this place what I really think it is? It's so beautiful.
Did I really make it to heaven?" 
To which St. Peter replied, "Yes these are Gates to Heaven. But you must do one thing before you enter."
The woman was excited, and asked of St. Peter what she must do to pass through gates. "Spell a word," St. replied.
 "What word?" she asked.
 "Any word," answered St.. "It's your choice."
She replied, "Then the word I will spell is love. L-o-v-e."
 St. congratulated her on her good fortune to have made it to Heaven, and asked her if she would mind taking his place at the gates for a few minutes while he went to the bathroom.
 "I'd be honored," she said, "but what should I do if someone comes while you are gone?" 
St. instructed her to have any newcomers to the Pearly Gates to spell a word as she did. 
So she is left sitting in St's chair when a man approaches the gates. She realizes it is her loser husband.
"What happened?" she cried, "Why are you here?"
Husband said, "I was so drunk when I left your funeral, I was in an accident. And now I am here? Did I really make it to Heaven?"
To which the woman replied, "Not yet. You must spell a word first."
 "What word?" he asked.
The woman responded, "Czechoslovakia."

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Beppo : (crying) the doctor called, my mother is dead. 
Friend: Relex,my friend. 
After 2 minutes Beppo cries even louder
 Friend: what now? 
Beppo : my sister just called, her mother died too!

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